Upcoming Tapings: Ellis & Melissa Greener

The 41 Entertainment Producers are thrilled and overwhelmed at the awesome talent we are coming across in Texas! We’re still in the discovery process as we continue to seek out artists as well as season ourselves with the current roster.

This weekend we’ll be documenting 2 artists.

Friday night (March 11), folk artist Ellis will be performing at Uncle Calvin’s.

“Ellis may not be a household name, but once you’ve seen her perform you’re not likely to forget her. A mix of folk artist, dharma teacher, and comedienne, her music is best described by the effect it has on her audience rather than a particular genre. Simply put, she leaves audiences better than she finds them, with softened edges & opened hearts. With compelling songwriting and engaging performances, Ellis is quietly amassing a loyal following of supporters across the country.

A native of Texas, Ellis moved to Minneapolis at the age of 16, where she quickly built a local following that blossomed into a nationwide presence, with extensive touring and seven albums released in the last sixteen years. In addition to selling more than 35,000 copies of her CDs independently, Ellis has accrued a wealth of accomplishments including national songwriting honors and performances at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Sisters Folk Festival and the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival.”

Saturday night (March 12), we’ll be taping Melissa Greener‘s performance at Beggar’s Banquet House.

“Somewhere in between a deep dark-holler, a Texas road-house and a Manhattan bound F-Train, you’ll find singer-songwriter Melissa Greener, picking a guitar and singing her truth. Inspired by modernist poets & literate folk singers, Greener’s songs are exquisitely crafted portraits of the human condition – hers and ours.  Melodic, rhythmic and quirky, they captivate with dynamic ranges and moody tones, in a unique language all her own.

Greener’s sophomore release, Dwelling (Anima, 2010), was helmed by acclaimed producer John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter) and has won awards and glowing reviews throughout the music industry.  Fall From the Sky (Anima, 2005), her debut release, continues to receive attention from an international music community.  While her recordings are beautiful documentaries, Greener’s music becomes fully realized before a live audience.  Be sure to catch her next concert.”

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