Thursday Thirteen: Gary Lynn Floyd

This week’s “Thursday Thirteen” Q&A series features troubadour Gary Lynn Floyd. Hear Gary’s music and more of his story  on this weekend’s all new episode of Troubadour, TX.

#1- What’s your most memorable gig?

The White House

#2- What are a few of your pre-show rituals?

A little “nam yo ho renge kyo” and Skittles.

#3- If you had to name one thing that inspires your music, what would that be?

The condition of being human.  My music and my spirit are ever intertwined.

#4- If you could meet any musician, living or dead it would be?

Amy Grant

#5- What 5 words best describe your life as a musician?

Unpredictable, irreplaceable, temporary, fulfilling, mine

#6- What about you would fans be surprised to learn?

I’m a BIG sports fan

#7- What artist(s) inspired you to pursue music?

Tim Sheppard, Cynthia Clawson, Amy Grant, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins

#8- What was the first album you ever bought?

Tim Sheppard’s “Inside My Room”

#9- What was your first paying gig?

A concert at First Baptist Church in Conroe, Texas in 1978

#10- What 5 words best describe your musical style?

Chill, soulful, thoughtful, healing, authentic

#11- What was “the moment” you knew you wanted to be a professional musician?

I was four years old playing my first piano recital

#12- What are a few of your “guilty pleasures?”

Yoga, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

#13- Who performed the best live show you’ve ever seen?

Elton John

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