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Shooting A Showcase with Josh Grider and Michaelis

Last week we spent the day with Josh Grider and Michaelis doing interviews shooting Troubadour, TX showcases at the Studio 41e Cafe.

You get to see the TTX team setting up the cafe for the evening’s shoot, the Michaelis girls and Josh Grider arriving for soundcheck, guests arriving and the taping of the showcases themselves. Enjoy this sneak peek at what you can expect in their upcoming episodes by way of us condensing 8 hours into 2 minutes via time lapse photography.

Troubadour, TX is a television series following the lives of various singers and songwriters as they chase their dreams across the Lone Star State, a legendary hotbed of American music, shared by storyteller, filmmaker and singer-songwriter, Stacy Dean Campbell.

This Weekend: Studio Showcase

This weekend on an ALL NEW Troubadour, TX

Enjoy an hour of intimate performances from some of your favorite Texas Troubadours, and a few you’ve yet to meet, live at the 41E Studio Cafe.

Hear their stories in short and songs in full on this weekend’s episode of Troubadour, TX.

Take a stroll down "Libertine Lane" with the charismatic duo, Chacho and Brance, as they do their thing this weekend on Troubadour, TX.

A new face to the show, Gary Lynn Floyd performs his touching ballad "Crystal" before the 41E Studio Cafe audience.

The musically revived Susan Ashton performs her song "Thief" alongside co-writers Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick this weekend at the 41E Studio Cafe.

The man behind the unforgettable "Chili's Baby Back Ribs" jingle performs his Cajun-fused song "Do Bea's Dance" live at Troubadour, TX headquarters.

Believe it--Kirk Thurmond performs his song "Believable" on this weekend's ALL NEW episode of Troubadour, TX.

Be sure to pack light and listen closely for Guthrie Kennard's song "Hobo Traveling" on this weekend's episode.

Sit back, relax, and soak in the music alongside our 41E Studio Cafe audience for this week's ALL NEW, off the beaten path episode of Troubadour, TX.

A Preview – This Weekend on Troubadour, TX

(Addison, TX) November 10th 2011

This weekend we get to see some of the Troubadours we’ve grown to love like – Little Brave, Zane Williams, Beth Wood, Susan Ashton and Guthrie Kennard. But we will also be seeing some fresh faces. Green River Ordinance will be making a stop on Troubadour, TX.


You’ll get a front row seat for their showcase performance of “Where the West Wind Blows”.

We don’t get to follow them around this episode, this is just a tease for what’s to come. But we can’t leave you hanging too much, so here’s a little dish on each of the guys…


Josh Jenkins  is the lead singer , and he’s got the voice to prove it! He also plays the acoustic.


Joshua Wilkerson rocks vocals and the electric guitar.


Jamey Ice brings the heat on the electric guitar.


Geoff Ice is on the bass and vocals. He also has a talent for the accordion..something you’ll get to see during the showcase.


Denton Hunker is the percussionist of the group and he plays a mean set of drums.

Stay tuned for more of these guys later in the season but for now catch their showcase this weekend on Troubadour, TX!

Cheers, E!

Here’s the Days/Times/Locations for the show!

Up Close & Personal

It was another evening of insightful interviews & showcase performances. Last night, we continued the chat process with several artists and heard many stories of desperation, perspiration, and inspiration.


Folk Alliance Conference

Today, Troubadour, Tx producers, Stacy Dean Campbell and Robin Creasman are heading to the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, Tennessee to scope out the talent and hopefully find some potential showcasing artists.

“The International Folk Alliance conference is an annual event that draws together music industry professionals from throughout the world to share ideas, network, and celebrate traditional music and dance. It is an event of celebration, education, and entertainment.

Held over five days, the Conference includes:
* Over 2000 registered attendees
* Over 50 workshops, panel discussions, & peer group meetings that address critical issues relating to presenting, promoting, & preserving folk & traditional music and dance.
* 100+ industry exhibitors
* Special events, such as the Folk Music & Business Awards, Lifetime Achievement Awards, networking receptions, official Performance Alley and private showcase performances, feature shows, exhibit hall, block booking sessions, Memphis Tours, community outreach concerts, etc.
* 200 official juried performances (Performance Alley)
* 300+ unofficial private showcases”

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