Living the Dream:

Wade Bowen


Waco, TX

Meet Wade Bowen

“I try to leave folks with a memory, to evoke emotion and leave a mark on people.”

Wade Bowen walked on stage at Stubbs Barbecue in Lubbock Texas 15 years ago, and has been touring ever since. Early on, Bowen was a member of the band ‘West 84′ with friend Matt Miller. Growing up in Waco, Bowen’s exposure to Texas music was limited to what played on FM country radio, most of which were George Strait songs. When he got to college however, he discovered the poetic mastery and musical genius of Guy Clark and Robert Earl Keen. “Listening to Robert Earl Keen songs was a changing point in my life,” says Bowen. “It opened my world to all of the amazing talent and influences of Texas music. I was a bit obsessed with Robert Earl and when we started our band we were sort of a Robert Earl Keen cover band.” Those early influences changed how Bowen approached music and the focus he gave to songwriting.


In 2001, he launched out on his own playing bars and venues throughout Texas while he worked on his first album. That album was released in 2002 with one of the tracks, ‘Try Not to Listen,’ becoming a regional hit in Texas. Within a year of his first album release, Bowen released his first live CD. In 2006, he released another studio album, ‘Lost Hotel.’ The opening track of that album, ‘God Bless This Town,’ reached number one on the Texas Music charts.  Bowen continued touring, with a focus in Texas and building a loyal fan base in the Texas Red Dirt scene.


In 2008, Bowen released ‘If We Ever Make it Home,’ a song that remains a crowd favorite and one of his biggest successes to date. Bowen’s second live album was released in 2010 as a CD/DVD combo, recorded live at the famous Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft Worth. In just more than a decade of touring, Bowen grew a large and loyal fan base, released a total of 5 independent albums and established himself as one of the strongest performers in the Red Dirt circuit. ”I play music all over the country, and love performing,” says Bowen. “But there’s something unique, something very special about being from Texas and playing music in Texas.”


Bowen’s last album ‘The Given’ was released in 2012. The 10 song collection includes a lot of material written by Bowen and is a mix of ballads and the party bar songs for which he’s become known. “On the live circuit the overwhelming mandate as an Artist is to stir up a party. I try to leave folks with a memory, to evoke emotion and leave a mark on people,” says Bowen.


Bowen joined Troubadour, TX in season 2, allowing film crews a rare look into his personal life. “They’ve been to my house, with me when I pick up my kids from school, come home and kiss my wife. The cameras have followed me on gigs all over Texas and beyond. It’s a real look at this crazy life of music. It’s honest, no fake stuff, just showing people how it is,” says Bowen. Bowen is currently on the road more than 200 nights a year and has been writing and recording for his newest project expected in late spring.


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