Living the Dream:

Roger Creager

Corpus Christi, TX

Meet Roger Creager

“I genuinely love what I do, and it shows. My fans deserve the best we can do every night, and that’s exactly what we give.”

As he radios the control tower confirming coordinates for landing, Roger Creager lands his small airplane and taxies down the runway. He’ll park his plane and head into town to meet up with his band and get ready for that night’s gig. This same scenario plays out night after night in cities across Texas and around the country, as Creager, a licensed pilot flies himself to most of his gigs. If he gets into town early and weather permitting, Creager will probably go boating or skiing before sound check. And it’s not uncommon for him to go running between sound check and his performance.


Creager’s high energy and adventurous spirit pours over into his music and performance. He’s built a loyal fan base through nearly 15 years of performing and recording and is known as one of the highest energy performers on the music circuit. “Giving every performance 100% is the only way I know,” says Creager. “I genuinely love what I do, and it shows. My fans deserve the best we can do every night, and that’s exactly what we give.” Creager’s unique performance style includes him playing a combination of four different instruments during most sets, including guitar, harmonica, keyboard and trumpet.


Growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, Creager’s love of music started early, learning the piano in second grade, guitar in junior high and trumpet in high school. Creager went on to earn a Business degree from Sam Houston State University and an Agriculture degree from Texas A&M. It was while he was in College Station that Creager became influenced by the Texas music scene and decided to pursue a career in music.


Creager released his first album, ‘Having Fun all Wrong’ in 1998.’I Got the Guns,’ followed in 2000. And three years later, Creager, while touring more than 200 days a year, released his third album, ‘Long Way to Mexico.’ As his fan base grew, Creager continued to release hit singles, producing three more albums in eight years, ‘Live Across Texas in 2004, ‘Here it Is’ in 2008, and ‘Surrender’ in 2012.


‘Surrender’ produced by Lloyd Maines, features 9 tracks written by Creager. The only exception on the album is ‘Redemption Song,’ a Bob Marley classic. Creager’s ‘Surrender’ has had a number of hit songs including ‘ For You I Do’ that dominated the Texas Music Charts for weeks. ‘For You I Do’ is also the song featured in his music video, released in 2013 that debuted on CMT. “We shot parts of the music video outside in an ice castle in Steamboat, Colorado. It was incredibly cold but a great set for the video,” says Creager. A career highlight also happened in 2013 for Creager with the announcement that George Strait had chosen one of his songs for his newest album, ‘Love is Everything.’ Strait recorded Creager’s song, ‘Sittin on a Fence’ as the 9th track on his album. “Having George Strait cut one of your songs is an unbelievable feeling. Just saying ‘Yea George Strait cut one of my songs, even sounds surreal,” says Creager.


Creager joined Troubadour, TX in season 2, and has had film crews with him for almost two years now. “They’ve been in the plane flying with me, on the boat, skiing, and lots of gigs all over Texas. It’s a real look at my life and what this amazing journey is really like,” says Creager. Creager has been writing and in studio recording for his new album scheduled to release next spring.


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