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Sugarland, TX

Meet Michaelis

“No matter where we play, Texas is always home. We’re Texas girls and nothing can ever change that.”


The Michaelis sisters first took the stage together when the youngest was just 5 years old. Sisters, Meagan, Mallory and Madeline Michaelis have been performing together for 13 years. The sisters grew up in Sugarland, Texas and would load up in their family’s RV spending their weekends performing at festivals, county fairs and rodeos throughout Texas. Just months after their first performance the trio landed an appearance on a popular morning show in Houston, Texas, and their music journey became a family venture.  The girls Dad, Kirk Michaelis worked as their manger, booking agent and bus driver, and their Mom, Tammy designed their wardrobe. The girls performed nearly every weekend for nearly a decade, but decided to leave Texas for Nashville and focus on their songwriting full time.


In 2010 the girls began working with record producer Dave Brainard and co writing with some of the most talented songwriters in Nashville.   With Meagan singing lead, Mallory plays guitar and sings low harmony, and Madeline the youngest of the sisters, plays guitar and mandolin and sings high harmony. Their harmonies create a unique sound the girls like to refer to as ‘Hippie- cowgirl.’


Since joining with the AMP Artist management group, the girls have debuted their first music video on CMT, and have a new album in production.Their songs have also received national airplay through the Sirius radio outlets.”We’re having the best time of our lives,” says Meagan Michaelis. Adding, “All the hard work and hours in the studio and writing are worth it when we connect with people through our music.”


Michaelis recently returned from ‘Rendezvous’, a music festival in Beaver Creek, Colorado and continues to perform in various venues throughout Texas. “Performing in Gruene Hall when we opened for Radney Foster was an amazing experience,” Mallory said when asked about their recent tour schedule. Adding, “No matter where we play, Texas is always home. We’re Texas girls and nothing can ever change that.”


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