Chasing the Dream:

Kylie Rae Harris


Wylie, TX

Meet Kylie Rae Harris

“To me, songs are supposed to have a purpose. Everything I write means something to me. I hope that it touches other people the same way.”


Kylie Rae Harris remembers family road trips that felt a little like a country music concert on wheels. Her parents would have each family member pick a part and sing harmonies with their favorite Artists. Family favorites were anything by Jerry Jeff Walker and Radney Foster. “We spent what seemed like days as a kid in this old Suburban singing along to every song Jerry Jeff or Radney ever sang. We’d sing all these different harmony parts, and it’s still one of my favorite memories,” says Kylie. That music left an indelible mark on then seven year old Kylie Rae. Those influences along with the artistry of Walt Wilkins and Patty Griffin led Kylie to decide early on that she wanted to play the guitar and write songs. She attended a vocal camp at age 12 and began her lifetime passion of writing songs and playing the guitar. By the time she graduated High School, Kylie had landed a music scholarship, but decided to pursue music full time instead. Kylie has been touring and writing ever since. ” Music has always been in me,” says Kylie. Adding, “To me, songs are supposed to have a purpose. Everything I write means something to me. I hope that it touches other people the same way.”


Kylie began touring with Zane Williams a few years ago after offering to sing harmonies with him on his song ‘Pablo and Maria.’ “I know it was pretty bold, but I’d been practicing. I loved the song and thought Zane was amazing. I’m not sure he thought it was a good idea until he heard me.” Kylie laughs and continues, ” Zane kept looking over at me while we were singing with this huge smile, and I thought ‘ Yes. I’ve got this.” Kylie and Zane continue to perform together while Kylie pursues her solo career.


Kylie whose hometown is Wylie, Texas now lives in New Braunfels. She continues to perform throughout Texas and travels to Nashville often to record and write. “I’ve had the incredible opportunity to write with some of the best songwriters in the business,” says Kylie. One of her most recent singles ‘ Slide Over’ was written in collaboration with Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Fitzpatrick. Kylie’s newest album ‘Taking it Back,’ was released in September of 2013. A single from that album, ‘Slide Over’ is climbing the Texas Music Charts. “Taking it back is everything I hoped it would be. It represents the best songwriting of my career and some incredible vocal and instrumental elements,” says Kylie. The album was produced in Nashville under Kylie’s management group BE Music and Entertainment.


Kylie was just months from the birth of her daughter when she finished her vocals for the album and says, “The emotion and hard work that went into these songs is something I’m incredibly proud of. It was important to me that this be the best of who I am and what I can do.” After a few months off with her newborn daughter, Kylie began touring again, filling her schedule with performances, and a radio promotion tour for her new CD. “Savannah Welch (of the ‘Trisha’s') is one of the women that has inspired me to be a great Mom and still be able to pursue my career in music,” says Kylie.

She added, ” Music is a connecting point with people. It’s a fellowship of sorts and its one of the many reasons why I love music.”


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