Chasing the Dream:

Josh Grider

TX Country

Las Cruces, NM

Meet Josh Grider

“Living the life of a Troubadour feels pretty crazy most of the time. But I love it and I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else.”

The 10 year overnight success model is one Josh Grider is very familiar with.  The one where the guy works under the radar for decade or so, then finally gets his big shot?  Having been a respected member of the Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene for years, it wasn’t until just recently that career momentum really started to build for this NM born country singer.  There had been little successes along the way no doubt; his Walt Wilkins produced song Crazy Like You has sold over 30,000 copies, he has repeatedly been featured on festivals and opened shows for regional and national acts, even a “Live At Billy Bob’s Texas” recording in 2011 certainly helped keep things moving forward.  However, Josh’s career got kicked into a high gear in early 2012 when he signed his first publishing deal with AMP Entertainment and subsequently recorded “The Gettin’ There” EP.  That year he also partnered with Paradigm Agency to represent his bookings and was featured on the national television show Troubadour TX.  ”The Gettin’ There” would yield three #1 songs on regional Texas Music Charts for Josh.  In November 2013 he carried that momentum into the studio with producer Trent Willmon to record a new album, “Luck & Desire”.  Josh will play nearly 150 tour dates this year as he hits the road in support of his latest effort.  He’s paid his dues, he’s waited his turn, and it looks like good days are just ahead for Josh Grider.

Album Releases–Josh Grider Band (2005), Million Miles To Go (2007), JGIII–EP (2008), Sweet Road To Ride (2009), Live At Billy Bob’s Texas (2012), The Gettin’ There–EP (2012), Luck & Desire (2014)

Charting Singles–Mama (2005), Everybody Knows (2006), Crazy Like You (2007), Slow (2012), Lone Star Highway #1, Summer and Sixteen #1, Smallest Town on Earth #1 (2013), White Van (2014)



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