Living the Dream:

Jack Ingram

Austin, TX

Meet Jack Ingram

“Drama wasn’t my calling, but the rush of being on stage with this pressure of having to deliver right now in front of a crowd, that got me.”

Sixteen years after he first began rocking roadhouses, theaters and stadiums, and climbing his way up the music charts, Jack Ingram received one of the most coveted awards in music. Ingram won the 2008 Academy of Country Music awards for ‘Best New Male Vocalist.’ Having endured the challenges and triumphs of more than a decade as a Troubadour, Ingram accepted the award sharing with the crowd that “Big dreams and high hopes” can come true. He’s an Artist whose career has proved that truth time and time again since he began touring in 1992.


Growing up in Houston Texas, Ingram’s first stage experience came not through music but a required high school drama class. ”Drama wasn’t my calling, but the rush of being on stage with this pressure of having to deliver right now in front of a crowd, that got me,” Ingram recalls. He applied that challenge to music for the first time at an open mic night while attending college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Ingram belted out two Willie Nelson songs and one he’d written, and his music journey began.


He began playing clubs primarily in Dallas, Ft Worth and Houston as he honed his craft and watched his idols, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark and Robert Earl Keen. Ingram released his first CD, ‘Jack Ingram,’ in 1992, followed by ‘Lonesome Question’ in 1995. In 1997, his album ‘Livin’ or Dyin’ produced his first chart single with ‘Flutter.’ Ingram continued touring and writing and released another album just two years later. ‘Hey You’ became Ingram’s fourth release and produced another hit country single with ‘How Many Days.’


His first album to enter Top Country Albums was ‘Electric.’ A few years later Ingram had the biggest hit of his career with, ‘Wherever You Are,’ a single from his album ‘Live.’ After being in the U.S. Billboard Hot Country chart’s top 40 for weeks, Ingram remembers being on the road listening to the countdown. “I had my radio cranked up and hadn’t heard my song announced yet and then the DJ says, ‘And now at number one, Jack Ingram’s  ’Wherever You Are’. That’s a moment you never forget.”


Numerous other releases continued to fuel Ingram’s career and establish him as a talented Artist with true staying power. Another live album, ‘Acoustic Motel’ was released in 2005 and continues to be a popular part of Ingram’s acoustic tour schedule. In 2006 Ingram hit number 16 on the Country music charts with ‘Lips of an Angel.’ Followed by his co-write with Radney Foster, ‘Measure of a Man’ at number 18 and another hit ‘Maybe She’ll Get Lonely,’ coming in at number 24. Ingram’s album, ‘Big Dreams and High Hopes’ has had a number of successful singles. The album’s lead off single, ‘That’s a Man’ charted in the top 20, followed by ‘Barefoot and Crazy’ which became Ingram’s second top 10 hit.


On August 26, 2009 Ingram received a different kind of recognition. He set the Guinness Book of World Records for the most radio interviews in one day, 215 interviews in 24 hours. Despite having done thousands of interviews in his career, Ingram still approaches each one as an opportunity to share a little about his story and his unique journey of ‘Big Dreams and High Hopes.’ Reporters often refer to Ingram as one of the most articulate performers they’ve ever interviewed. Ingram’s engaging style and poetic songwriting have sustained his career for decades, defining him as a talented Artist of influence.


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